Melanie Iglesias Resigns as WPT Royal Flush Girl

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Melanie Iglesias Resigns as WPT Royal Flush Girl

A tearful Melanie Iglesias announced her resignation as the World Poker Tour Flush Girl at the Bicycle Casino on Monday, citing other commitments such as a stint with MTV.

Ms. Iglesias was named Maxim Magazine’s Sexiest Girl of 2010 and was among the Hometown Hotties Champions.

“After careful consideration I've come to a decision to officially resign from the World Poker Tour. It's been an eventful run. All the best,” she said.

Iglesias was honored with the award from Maxim while participating as a Royal Flush Girl for the WPT. 

“I was so excited and shocked when Maxim called to tell me. What an amazing honor!” said Melanie. “First, I get picked to be a Royal Flush Girl, then I’m fortunate enough to win this great contest – it’s been an unbelievable year.”

She appeared in a pictorial the following month. 

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“It’s no surprise Melanie won,” said WPT CEO Steve Hellerat the time. “She has grace, beauty, smarts, wit and ambition. She’s the total package. We’re thrilled for what this victory will mean for her career and how it will elevate even more the tremendous impact of the Royal Flush Girls as brand ambassadors for the World Poker Tour.”

As a Royal Flush Girl (not to be confused with a FLUFF girl typically used to assist in pornographic productions), Ms. Iglesias’ job performance included roles as event ambassadors where they dress up in scantily clad outfits and take viewers behind the scenes at the WPT.

Melanie’s famous quote as a Royal Flush Girl:  “I don't think I have a biggest fear. I've conquered every fear I used to have. I'll try anything once."

- Ace King,