Matusow Brothers Family Feud Tame Compared to These Rivalries (Video)

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Ace King
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Matusow Brothers Family Feud

This week, the colorful poker playing Matusow brothers, Scott and Mike, went at it in a public forum.  Scott accused his brother Mike of being a drug and gambling addict

Scott had this to offer on his blog: 

I see you getting worse and worse with your gambling issues. We went out for our parents anniversary 2 weeks ago.. The entire time, all you could talk about was yourself, your bets, checking the scores on games. You do not consider how you hurt Mom and Dad with your behavior. You seem to enjoy to call Mom only to tell her when you lose, and you exaggerate your losses to her… That is sick Mike

There was also this chat log picked up from Facebook between the two brothers:

michael says

i bashed u good u not gonna destroy me worse

Scott Matusow says

ok i will expose you

wanna go to war/

michael says

u already got what u wanted by having me broke u not gonna kill me

But in the whole scheme of things, the Matusow family feud is nothing compared to other past public sibling rivalries.

Cain vs. Abel - The sons of Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel grew up outside the Garden of Eden thanks to Mom and Dad's fruit binge.  Firstborn Cain worked the fields while Abel tended the sheep. According to the story in Chapter 4 of Genesis, when God favored Abel's sheep offering over Cain's garden sacrifice, an enraged Cain killed his brother, thus introducing murder to the world.

Hatfields vs. the McCoys – Back in the day, these two families extended the Civil War when,in1882, Ellison Hatfield was shot and killed in a brawl by some of the McCoys, leading the Hatfields to kidnap and execute three McCoy brothers. The families repeatedly exacted revenge on one another for years.  The two families would later sign a truce.  Descendants of the two families have fought against one another in recent years, albeit on the small screen, appearing on the game show “Family Feud”.

Leona Helmsley’s Maltese Terrier vs. Her Grandchildren – Following hotel Heiress Leona Helmsley’s passing, it was revealed that she had left nearly everything to her pooch, a Maltese Terrier named Trouble.  The dog received $12 million in her will while two of the grandkids got….well, nothing.  Two other grandkids received $10 million each.  Ultimately, each grandchild received $6 million each after a judge determined Leona was not mentally fit.  Trouble passed away in his lavish South Florida penthouse at the age of 12 last year. 

Joan Crawford vs. Christina Crawford – When one thinks Hollywood family feuds and a less-than-hospitable mother-daughter relationship, the first thing that will always come to mind is “Mommie Dearest”.  Adopted daughter Christina Crawford published the book (which was adapted into a feature film) one year after her mother Joan’s passing.  “No wire hangers, ever!” GULP!

We just couldn’t help ourselves with these hilarious Family Feud episodes

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