Massachusetts Wants Online Poker: Boston Globe Explains Why

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Patrick Flanigan
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Massachusetts Online Poker

The state of Massachusetts is the latest to seriously consider legalizing online poker. 

In a piece published Friday afternoon in the Boston Globe, Charles Nesson, a law professor at Harvard and founder of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, explained why Internet poker should be permitted in the state

When the internet enabled the world to play poker online, this great American game brought not only immense entertainment pleasure to millions of people, but also sparked the creation of a multibillion dollar, high-tech industry.

Nesson added: 

Instead of celebrating poker as the quintessential American mind sport and powerful American cultural influence it is around the world, and instead of reaping the fruits of the world's love and fascination with the game, the Department of Justice chose instead to repress online poker with prosecutorial threat.

One unexpected effect of the DOJ’s actions, however, is that it provides a rare opportunity for our state: Massachusetts can enter a guaranteed multibillion dollar industry, devoid of any other domestic competition.

He adds that, unlike most gambling games, poker is one of skill that "teaches strategic thinking".

As the education state, it only makes sense that if Massachusetts is to promote gambling, it should consider the one such game that is genuinely educational.

The Massachusetts House approved an amendment to its expanded gaming bill Wednesday that requires the gaming commission established by the bill to analyze and develop model legislation for Internet poker in the state.  The bill now moves to the Senate. 

The online poker bill was introduced by Rep. Daniel Winslow. 

- Patrick Flanagan, Gambling911.com

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