Mass Man Wins $10 Million in Poker Tournament

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Ace King
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Mass Man Wins $10 Million in Poker Tournament

As follows current live tournaments such as the WSOP Asia Pacific and World Poker Tour Barcelona, it turns out the US state of Massachusetts was offering its own little publicized poker tournament that ended up paying one man a whopping $10 million.

Eugene Condon Jr. won the big prize playing at a tournament sponsored by the Massachusetts State Lottery at the TD Garden on Saturday night.

This was the agency's first simulated Hold ’Em Poker Tournament and the first such tournament held by any US state lottery.

It was billed as the grand finale of one of the lottery’s instant ticket games and, unlike traditional tournaments, involved zero skill. 

Two cards would be designated to each player. Three more cards, shared by all players, were then drawn in each of three rounds.  Whomever held the best hand after each round would then advance. 

560 people took part in the tournament.

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