Man Sentenced 30 Years to Life for Assaulting Poker Pro Ron Wall

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Nagesh Rath
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Man Sentenced 30 Years to Life for Assaulting Poker Pro Ron Wall

A Las Vegas judge has sentenced 34-year-old Edmond Price to 30 years to life for assaulting and robbing poker pro Ron “The Duke of Fremont” Wall.

Price, a California resident, was found guilty in May of one count each of robbery, false imprisonment and battery with use of a deadly weapon and two counts of conspiracy.  The perpetrator had been extradited from California to Nevada following an arrest on outstanding warrants. 

The assault took place outside the Primm Resort in Vegas back in May 2010.

Prosecutors on Thursday asked Judge James Bixler to declare Price a habitual criminal and sentence him to a life prison term.  Price was already set to begin serving a 10-year prison sentence in California.  He will not be eligible for parole for another 40 years. By then, Price will be 74.

Wall's assault that day was brutal, suffering a broken nose, ribs and cheek bones.  His hands were stabbed and he had a concussion.

Wall, now 62 years old, is a legendary Vegas poker pro.  He is known for pretending to be living in the ‘50s, and regularly cruises between casinos dressed up as a gangster.

- Nagesh Rath,