A Look at The 2013 WSOP Main Event Top 20

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Ace King
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A Look at The 2013 WSOP Main Event Top 20

Poker players from the USA made up the brunt of those who remained in this year’s World Series of Poker Main Event, but a number of other nations were well represented.

Canadian Marc McLaughlin led with the largest number of chips at press time.  He was one of two players from Canada still remaining, the other being Alexander Livingston.  While Brazil had Bruno Kawauti, he is also listed occasionally as coming to us from Canada.

Sylvain Loosli had the second biggest chip stack.  He represented France.

Israel had one player representative still in, Amir Lehavot.

Spain had one, Carlos Mortensen (pictured).

Italy had one, ensen.

Argentina had Fabian Ortiz.

The Czech Republic had Jan Nakladal.

And the Netherlands was represented by Michiel Brummelhuis.

German player Anton Morgenstern, who had one point led heading into Monday, dropped out in 20th place. 

Nine of the remaining 20 players were from the USA.

JC Tran, 36, was among the biggest names in the tournament.  The two-time WSOP bracelet winner from Sacramento, California has won $7.6 million in live tournaments to date.

41-year-old Spaniard Carlos Mortensen has enjoyed even greater success than Tran, having won $10,755,036 in tournaments to date.  He has two World Series of Poker bracelets and 98 cashes.

The chip leader when this went to press, Marc McLaughlin, has won over $600,000 in live tournaments to date.  He won nearly half of that at last year’s WSOP in an event where he placed 3rd.

Israeli Amir Lehavot has won just over $1 million and has one World Series of Poker bracelet savoring victory at last year’s Pot Limit Hold’em Championship.

Italy’s Sergio Castelluccio only began playing poker close to 2 years ago but has already amassed $1,207,918 in live tournaments.

Ralph (or Rep) Porter has won $1,647,190 to date with three 1st place finishes and 2 WSOP bracelets.  He comes to us from the USA.

USA player Mark Newhouse (AKA “Truffle Shuffle”) has 12 cashes and just under $2 million to show for it.

USA player David Benefield has won around half a million in live tournaments to date.  It was just four years ago, Benefield had contemplating quitting poker for good. 

Dutch player Michiel Brummelhuis has just over $400,000 with two 1st place showings to date.

23-year-old Ryan Riess of Michigan has 18 cashes to date and has won $308,659.

Players who have had little impact on the world of poker to date but will forever be changed regardless of where they finish from this point moving forward are France’s Sylvain Loosli, USA player James Farber, USA player Matthew Reed, Argentina’s Fabian Ortiz, Brazil’s Bruno Kawauti, Canada’s Alexander Livingston and Chris Lindh of the United States.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com