Lock Poker Launches New HUD Feature: Sharkscope, H2M Featured

Written by:
Nagesh Rath
Published on:
Lock Poker Launches New HUD Feature:  Sharkscope Now Offered

Lock Poker on Friday announced a new Heads Up Display (HUD).

They have built an HM2 that is Lock branded and is offering Sharkscope HUD free to all VIPs.

Sharkscope is bound to excite quite a few online poker players.  It is the largest database of poker tournament results and the new Lock HUD overlays this data onto one’s poker table while they play.  You can view each player’s profit history.

This is an incredible new feature.

SharkScope use is an advantage but it is not an unfair one as:

  • Anyone can use SharkScope with the free 5 searches per day.
  • Anyone can block their statistics from public view.
  • All the data we provide is publicly viewable at the end of each tournament. Anyone could write down and collate these results if they wished.
  • SharkScope is an independent monitor of sites and believes in complete transparency. You can be sure that you are on a level playing and that no cheating is occurring by studying the available result patterns and using our head to head statistics for collusion detection. We are confident that on the sites we cover and for the tournaments we cover, a scandal such as the one to hit Absolute Poker recently would not go unnoticed.

HM2 employs real time data allowing quick profitable decisions at the tables.  This feature is FREE to Black and Black Elite VIP players.  Learn More at Lock Poker here

- Nagesh Rath, Gambling911.com