Lock Poker is Full of Hot Air….Literally!

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Today, Gambling911.com and the Lock Poker pros woke up at the crack of dawn.  Well actually it wasn’t quite dawn and many of us had not yet fallen asleep.

Tuesday evening’s sunset hot air balloon flights were postponed until the early AM on Wednesday due to high winds in the region.  So basically, the late Tuesday night dinner, drinking and poker-for-fun event ran right into the hot air balloon flights.  Hence, there were a few drunkards taking flight in the early AM hours. 

With close to 50 people, including most of the Lock Poker pros, gathering for a European retreat, four balloons were placed in commission.

Lock Poker’s CEO Jennifer Larson’s balloon didn’t fare as well as the other three.  It crashed into some trees.  She and everyone else on the balloon were perfectly fine.

Okay, so the Gambling911.com crew’s balloon also crashed into some trees and we, too, are fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you want to look at it) perfectly fine as well. 

This is an absolutely amazing treat and all the pros we’ve spoken to are so grateful they are part of the Lock Poker family.

More details forthcoming but we leave you with these photos for the time being…

- Payton O’Brien, Gambling911.com Senior Editor