Lock Poker Customers Exposed to Automatic Download of Different Client

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C Costigan
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Lock Poker Customers Exposed to Automatic Download of Different Client

Following the termination by "Lock" of its contract with the Revolution Network earlier today it has come to Lock’s attention that players who attempt to log onto the Lock software are being redirected by the network to a page that contains false and misleading information and, rather than being presented with the new Lock 2.0 software, customers are subjected to an automatic download of competing poker software.  


Lock cites this as an “attempt by the network to take Lock players and damage Lock's business via a deceptive and misleading practice”.  The network operator has been given an opportunity to correct this and have refused to do so, G911 was advised by officials at Lock. 

“Lock has put the network operating company and their principals on notice that they will be held liable for any damages their publication of this false and misleading information and their deceptive business practices may cause.  Lock wishes to confirm and clarify that it terminated the contract for cause earlier today.  

"While we have no wish to have a public fight with the network, their publishing of false statements and a blatant attempt to take Lock players and damage the Lock business has compelled us to speak out."

The complaint was obtained by Gambling911.com with excerpts here:

"Earlier this month the network announced a drop in allowable rakeback from 36% to 30% - which is 1/6th or a 16.6 percent drop - on 48 hours notice, which was increased to 2 weeks notice only after we complained.  This major step is being undertaken with no advance PR and absent the agreement of, or even consultation with my client which provides around 75% of the network traffic.  They expect that this move is going to have a further detrimental effect on the network business overall.  My client needs to move off the network in order to protect what is left of their business and, to begin the long process of bringing this back to previous levels.

“We have documented some 51 instances of unscheduled downtime and an additional 81 service failures since Lock joined the network. 

“As you may be aware as of October 20th, we invoked the use of the Dispute Resolution Process as provided in the contract so that we can reach a final accounting as between the parties.  We will keep you updated in regards to the progress on this as you may require.  
At this point IAA Services Ltd. has also failed to comply with the Dispute Resolution Process as they were obligated to appoint a representative to deal with Lock within 48 hours of the receipt of the notice and to have this person contact me to set up the First Meeting - but to date we have had no response whatsoever from them. “