Lock Poker’s Jennifer Larson: “A Life Changing Event for Lock Pros”

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Jenny Woo
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Lock Poker

Last week, Gambling911.com was privileged to attend a lavish retreat in the South of France held by Lock Poker’s CEO Jennifer Larson.  We had an opportunity to sit down with Ms. Larson to talk more about the idea behind holding such an event for the Lock Poker pros and whether more events were being planned.  How about an African safari Jennifer!!!  (Payton O’Brien’s idea). 

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G911:  What gave you the idea to throw such a lavish retreat in the South of France at the beautiful Chateau de Bagnols, reserved exclusively for the Lock Poker family?

Jennifer Larson:  I visited Bagnols for the first time exactly 1 year ago on my birthday. It was one of the most beautiful places I have been to. The idea behind the retreat is to do something life changing that shows my appreciation for everyones dedication, support and loyalty. I promised myself that when I could afford to take the team there I would. A retreat is something that brings happiness, life experience and unforgettable moments that hopefully change us as people and Lock as a company. 

G911:  Speaking with the poker pros in attendance, they all had such a great time and it is obvious their loyalty to Lock.  In fact, there were a few who defended Lock Poker and took very personally a recent smear attack against the Merge Network, which hosts Lock.  Do you view these pros as “Brand Ambassadors” who will spread the word throughout the poker playing community about Lock Poker?  What do you see the role as the Lock pro being?  What is your vision in this regard?

Jennifer Larson:  I view the Poker Pros as a part of the family. The idea behind the LockPRO initiative is to bring the Pros in on every level but not only tap their resources, knowledge and credibility for our own benefit but also offer them the ability to benefit financially as we grow. They are Brand Ambassadors, product specialists, marketing minds and business strategists. The Pros have a huge impact on the way Lock runs and the decisions we make.

G911:  Any budding Lock Poker romances as a result of this event?  We saw a few.

Jennifer Larson:  Do tell...

G911:  Our lips are sealed (for once).  Besides Matt Stout, who was the loudest, most boisterous, most drunk in attendance?

Jennifer Larson:  That’s an easy one.  Chris Costigan, Payton O’Brien, Flash Callahan, all from Gambling911.com. 

G911:  Good answer I guess.  It is obvious after attending this event that Lock Poker has become extremely successful, any future promos or new pros you plan on having join the Lock family before year’s end?

Jennifer Larson:  I am in talks with a few new Pros. Both Female and Male. I plan on building out the Pro team worldwide to be a global army of brilliant minds that continue to take the industry to the next level. This is only the beginning.

G911:  Okay, most important question of them all that we are all dying to know:  What, when and where is the next Lock Poker event?

Jennifer Larson:  I am planning the next retreat right now. I would like to do 2-3 events a year. Again something that is life changing and unforgettable. More info coming soon ;-)

- Jenny Woo, Gambling911.com Senior International Correspondent

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