Liv Boeree Gets Dragged Into Alleged Sorel Mizzi Cheating Brouhaha

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Ace King
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Liv Boeree Gets Dragged Into Alleged Sorel Mizzi Cheating Brouhaha

The allegations that Sorel Mizzi may have been caught cheating again were first posted on 2+2 by a brand new account "StillDoingIt", obviously set up in order to "out" Mizzi once again as a serial cheater. The post(s) contain circumstantial evidence which doesn't exactly offer "proof", but certainly sounds credible or at least plausible, and name-checks other pros being aware of the alleged situation. 

Back in 2007, Mizzi purchased an account from a friend who had made the Final Table of the Full Tilt Sunday Million after busting out himself earlier in the tournament. Mizzi went on to win the tournament, but was subsequently caught and stripped of his winnings. This was the same time Sorel Mizzi’s account on PokerStars was banned (zangbezan24), allegedly for account selling violations as well. 

Poker pro Liv Boeree has also come under fire for reportedly having information related to the Mizzi matter and trying to cover it up.

Player Rory Brown, claiming to have knowledge of what had transpired, downplayed the idea that Boeree was attempting to defend Mizzi’s alleged actions.

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I cannot go into detail on the topic regarding Sorel publicly as this is between him, me and Stars at this point. I am not confirming the specifics of the OP, which include a number of factual errors. What I will address is the OP's allegations that Liv was somehow defending his alleged actions.
I called her in November around 5-6 weeks after the WCOOP when these allegations first surfaced, as she was a mutual friend of both of ours. I was having issues with Sorel not only regarding this, but also with some other non-poker topics. She suggested I ask him about it since I didn't have any evidence. Concerning the non-poker issues I had with him, she pointed out that Sorel had been really going through something (that began in late October) and I should consider this when judging his actions since late October. In no way did I see Liv defending any allegations about him and WCOOP.
When I asked Sorel about it, he said he had been coaching Bindernutnut and that was all.
This is my statement about this issue. While I have spoken privately to some people, I do not have any evidence for or against Sorel so I will not speak of it publicly anymore. However I will talk to Pokerstars and help their ongoing investigation regarding WCOOP
Rory Brown

Mizzi has declined to comment via Twitter or any other outlet.

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