Largest Poker Room in Florida Opens: Best Bet at Regency in Jacksonville

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Patrick Flanigan
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Largest Poker Room in Florida Opens:  Best Bet Jacksonville

March 1, 2012 marked the opening of Florida’s largest poker room, the Best Bet at the Regency in Jacksonville.

News 4 Jacksonville reported there was a line outside the door

"I just had to come out and see the facility," Anthony Carswell told the station. "Gorgeous. Just Gorgeous."

The room features 70 tables.

Deborah Giardina, executive director of poker operations, told News 4 Jacksonville that the poker room will help boost the economy.  The World Poker Tour will also be making a stop in Jacksonville for the very first time. 

"This is providing a place to play for the northern part of Jacksonville that has not been available without having to drive a long way," Giardina said. "I think there's been a lot of excitement, and clearly it's been a business and entertainment venue people have been waiting for."

- Patrick Flanagan,