Land-based Poker Rooms Report Modest Increases Since Online Poker Crackdown

Written by:
Patrick Flanigan
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Las Vegas Poker Rooms

With last week’s crackdown on the three biggest online poker rooms, some of the biggest beneficiaries have been the Vegas card rooms.

The Aria Poker room is reporting a 50 percent increase in players, reports

According to shift manager Danielle Hackney, they have been “wire-to-wire full of 24 tables since Friday,” which is unusual.

Other poker rooms have witnessed increased traffic including MGM, which noted there was an increase of about three tables worth of player action.

Over at the 39-table Venetian Poker Room, tournament director Tim Mix told Card Player that their $225 no-limit hold’em event on Tuesday, which was part of the casino’s ongoing deep-stack series, had about a 20 percent attendance increase (to 255 players registered) from the same event on the previous Tuesday. He said that other poker rooms he visited seemed busier than usual as well. 

According to, a number of players at these tables expressed how they were no longer able to play online, even though some online poker rooms still cater to US players (see here – note that Absolute Poker is currently not serving any new US players). would be remiss in pointing out that many people in the US and around the world began their Holy Week holidays/vacations last Friday so it remains to be seen whether this trend continues. 

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