Joe Cada, Darvin Moon Last Two in 2009 World Series of Poker

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Ace King
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Joe Cada

Joe Cada and Darvin Moon are the last men standing at this year's 2009 World Series of Poker final table.  The two will go one-on-one when play resumes Monday night.  Cada and Moon survived 18 hours of grueling play this weekend, knocking out big name players like Phil Ivey and Jeff Shulman in the process.

Frenchman Antoine Saout was eliminated in third place to conclude the first stage of play.

The 21-year old Cada at one point was down to just over 2 million in chips and eventually came all the way back to 135 million by the time play concluded early Sunday morning.

The Shelbey Township, Michigan player is bidding to become the youngest player ever to win a World Series of Poker Main Event.

Cada hit a set of threes against Jeff Shulman when Shulman was holding pocket jacks to double up and then spiked a set of deuces on Antoine Saout when play was three-handed to take the chip lead.

"I got really lucky today. I was very fortunate," Cada said. "That's just the way it goes sometimes. If anybody ever hears me complaining about poker, they can just knock me out. It's really unfortunate what (Saout) had (pocket queens), but I got lucky and sucked out. That's poker."

46-year old Darvin Moon held the chip lead.  He's a logger from Oakland, Maryland, and someone who had zero prior accomplishments on the live tournament poker circuit prior to this year's WSOP.

Moon, who has so far downplayed his skills in outlasting nearly the entire field of 6,494 players, said he has played against a single opponent only once - in the satellite tournament that qualified him for the main event.  He is not an online poker player.

"They say he's some kind of specialist online," Moon said of Cada. "But I'm not online to watch."

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