Jenny Woo Does Joe Cada

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He's been on David Letterman and ESPN.  Now 2009 World Series of Poker winner Joe Cada is heading to the big time.  He'll be interviewed by's very own Jenny Woo next week.

"Joe Cada is a marketable commodity and great for poker," says Woo. 

Web traffic for the new world champion of poker has been sensational at over the past two weeks.

The Michigan native appeared on the David Letterman Show just the other night. 


Cada's interview came in the second half of the show and Letterman did a good job relaxing his young interviewee and shedding some light on the world of Joe Cada and poker in general. Prompted by Letterman, Cada explained that "after the Moneymaker year" the WSOP moved from Binion's to the Rio in 2005, that his mother was a black jack dealer at a Detroit casino and as a result wasn't to happy at her sons career choice as "she relates everything the same as gambling." 

Cada also admitted to losing over $100,000 in a single day, but only after he was assured $1.2 million for making the WSOP final table and that previous to that his biggest loss on a day was $40,000 but never what he couldn't afford.

The 4 minute interview moved along in a light hearted way and the duo did a good job of presenting poker in an interesting and modern light. Letterman said:

"All of a sudden poker is everywhere and in my mind, the winner of a big pot... they find dead in a rental car. That doesn't happen anymore?"  

Cada explained that times have changed and that poker is now viewed as "a fun thing to do, socially" but when quizzed about his 50% prize money split with poker financiers Eric Haber and Cliff Josephy, Cada coyly replied "Something along those lines," to which Letterman quipped, "That's where the rental car comes in."

Cada was interviewed by ESPN, which broadcasts the World Series of Poker, on Thursday. 

When asked what he planned on doing with all that money (he takes home just over $4 million, half of his winnings since he has backers that financed his tournament play), Cada said he "may buy a boat" but really hasn't thought much about it. 

Payton O'Brien, Senior Reporter