Ivey Goes Online Finally

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Thomas Somach
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Famously publicity-shy poker pro Phil "Poison" Ivey has decided to enter the 21st century.

He's starting his own website.


The address for the new website is www.philivey.com but don't expect just yet to visit the site and glean the secrets of Ivey's vast poker success or otherwise read/hear/see any golden nuggets of poker wisdom.

The website is up, but it's not.

A visit to www.philivey.com this afternoon reveals that, yes, there finally is a Phil Ivey website but, no, it doesn't have any information on it yet.

At least nothing of substance.

The lone page of the as-of-yet-uncompleted website shows an image of the top half of Ivey's face accompanied by the phrases "Phil Ivey," "Coming Soon" and "Now I'm going to teach the whole world to win at poker."

No further information is given, including when the site is expected to go into full operation and what it will offer.

The phrase "Now I'm going to teach the whole world to win at poker" suggests, however, that the site may, at least in part, be an instructional site, where Ivey offers videos on poker strategy--likely for a fee.

That would make sense since Ivey recently went through a costly divorce and may need funds to help sustain his opulent lifestyle (he has his own private jet).

Just the mere existence of a Phil Ivey website--regardless of what it eventually offers, whether it be videos, blogs, photos, advice or something else--is a remarkable change for the normally shy and private Ivey.

His disses of the press are legendary, and reached a new low in 2009 at the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas.

After making the final table of the WSOP Main Event, expectations were high for him to finally win that tournament, the only major hole in his impressive poker resume.

But it was not to be, as he finished a disappointing seventh.

As the assembled poker media eagerly waited for him in the Rio casino's makeshift press room to explain his latest tournament failure, as each WSOP Main Event final table member typically does after busting out, Ivey was nowhere to be found.

He had sneakily slipped out of the casino via a back door, stiffing the press and, by extension, the many fans who have supported him throughout his career and were eager to hear his thoughts.

At least now, if that happens again, "Poison" will have a place to pen his excuses.

By Tom Somach

Gambling911.com Staff Writer


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