Isildur1 vs. Tony G Online Poker Rivalry: Masked Man Backs Out of Tournament

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Isildur1 vs. Tony G is reporting that there could potentially be a rivalry brewing between notable online poker players Isildur1 and Tony G.  The former player’s true identity is not exactly known.  He was signed to PokerStars last month.

Isildur1 had promised Tony G. he would take part in an upcoming live tournament wearing some type of mask to conceal his true identity.  At the last minute Isildur1 reportedly has backed out.

Isildur1 recently took on Tony G. as part of PokerStars Superstar Challenge series online.  The anonymous poker phenom beat Tony G., who later wrote on his blog:

“He was better than me. He is also younger than me. Much younger. He is a real talent, and I am just heart and hope.”


Though the words are subdued for the normally brash player whose real name is Tony Guoga, he also didn’t disappoint by immediately making a new challenge to his adversary. He has challenged the wunderkind to a match on his own home site of PartyPoker with an extra $50,000 going to the winner of the match. It would seem that this would be the first crossover matchup between rival poker sites and the real winners would ultimately be the fans.

One can’t help but wonder whether Tony G.’s emphasis on Isildur1’s age implies he is under the age of 21.

- Patrick Flanagan,