Isildur1 Breaks His Silence

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Mysterious online high stakes poker player Isildur1 has finally broken his silence away from the virtual tables, speaking out about a situation which has sparked massive debates in poker circles around the globe. By now, everyone knows about Isildur1's already growing legend, how he almost single-handedly breathed life back into the high stakes cash games at Full Tilt Poker. In just a few weeks, he torched Tom Dwan and Ziigmund for insane amounts of money and almost instantaneously pilfered it away to Phil Ivey and Patrik Antonius. However, it was a $4.2 million losing session against CardRunners pro Brian Hastings that has launched the uproar.

After the historic session, during a seemingly innocuous ESPN interview, Hastings gave much credit to preparations he made with Brian Townsend in Cole South. He spoke openly of a database of Isildur's hands which provided him with insight into Isildur's tendencies and hand ranges in certain spots. Since the admission, Full Tilt acted strongly against Townsend, suspending him for one month as a sponsored Full Tilt "Red" Pro, which denies him of the rakeback deal he had in place.

When reached for comment on the matter, Isildur1, while still maintaining his actual anonymity, spoke about how confused he was during the entire session as Hastings seemingly had the perfect response to every action he made, picking off numerous bluffs en route to his massive loss. Specifically, Isildur1 said

"I was not aware of the exact rule...but since seeing that it is in fact a rule at Full Tilt Poker, I think I am going to put through a formal complaint, as I think this is a case where the sharing of hand histories directly affected the match I played with Brian [Hastings]. "I played with Brian Townsend and Cole South a lot. They were always waiting for me. The last session where Hastings won all the money, it just felt like something was wrong. Everything that could go wrong for me did. Every time I tried to pull off a bluff of some kind, it felt as if it was being picked off. At the time, I just thought it was crazy luck, but now, knowing they shared a lot of their analysis of hand histories with each other, it makes a lot more sense."

By taking such swift action against Townsend, but curiously, not Hastings, Full Tilt has already shown that they intend to keep their new meal ticket happy and comfortable. However, it remains to be seen what, if anything Full Tilt can do to recoup some of the massive sum Hastings took during the fateful session.