Indicted Online Poker Processor Chad Elie Tells All (Video)

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Ace King
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Indicated Online Poker Processor Chad Elie Tells All  (Video)

One of the individuals charged with processing payments for online poker site Full Tilt Poker and two other rooms claims to have witnessed inappropriate funds transfers between Mark Shurtleff, John Swallow and indicted businessman Jeremy Johnson. 

Elie, who was named as part of a series of sweeping indictments in April of 2011 and served five months prison time for bank fraud, sat down with the Salt Lake City Weekly to discuss the matter.

From the City Weekly:

Johnson was indicted by the Federal Trade Commission in 2011 for operating an internet marketing scheme that allegedly defrauded hundreds of thousands of Americans out of $275 million. He has also alleged that John Swallow, before he was elected attorney general, helped facilitate a bribe of Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev., to put a kibosh on the federal investigation into Johnson’s company.

Elie said in an interview with that Johnson attempted to bribe Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D- Nevada).  Elie does not know what transpired beyond that point where Reid is concerned.

“I don’t know about Harry. But [Johnson] tried to pay everyone. I do know about John Swallow, I know about the former Attorney General. I definitely know there was a lot of money exchanged between the three of them.

Elie went on to state that the money in question was “not funneling through the appropriate channels”. 

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