Hot Searches: Doyle Brunson Not Dead Yet, New York Hairy Babes

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Jordan Bach
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Here is a hot new fun feature we’ll be presenting at, although maybe not so fun for that poker legend Doyle Brunson.

It seems every few weeks or so, something – we don’t quite know what – triggers a high volume search for “Doyle Brunson Dead”.

“They all land on the website since one of our articles is ranked rather high for this particular term,” said Payton O’Brien, Senior Editor for the website.  “Actually, when someone enters that search into Google they will come across the article reinforcing the fact that Doyle ‘is not dead’ whereas a few of the other websites article titles suggests that he is.”

Brunson himself has had to address this issue on his own blog in the past.

“Every year about this time, some sicko feels the need to spread the news that I died. Doug Dalton was the first to call and I had several calls after that. I was tweeting on twitter and Howard Lederer spread the word that if I was dead, someone was twittering on my account. When I do die, hopefully years from now, everybody will have to check to see if it's true.”

For the record, Doyle tweeted on Saturday. 

….Ever wanted to check out photos of “New York hairy babes”?  Look no further than, at least when it comes to search inquiries.

We somehow end up 4th ranked for that particular term.

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- Jordan Bach,