Hollywood, Florida Police Not Actively Pursuing WSOP Finalist David Rheem

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David Rheem

Fears of a David Rheem arrest at or prior to November's WSOP Final may have been calmed somewhat on Wednesday.

The Hollywood, Florida Police Department have confirmed to Gambling911.com that they are not currently in the process of seeking out Mr. Rheem on an outstanding arrest warrant for trespassing.

Gambling911.com's own Jenny Woo communicated with the Hollywood Police Chief this week and Rheem's preliminary status appears to be "all clear".

"There was some question as to the variations of his name in the computer system," Woo cautioned. "As of now there are no outstanding warrants out for a David Rheem."

Rheem advanced to the final of the 2008 World Series of Poker, one of nine players who is guaranteed at least a million dollars.

Eight years ago in Broward County, Rheem was convicted of dealing in stolen property and burglary, both felonies, as well as larceny and possession of marijuana, according to the Sun Sentinel. He was sentenced to four months jail time and 30 months probation.

He also failed to appear in court on a 2003 misdemeanor trespassing charge in Hollywood, according to state criminal records, leading to a court order for his arrest. The warrant for his arrest no longer appeared to be active based on information provided by the Hollywood Police Department.

Ms. Woo was still on the case.