Hellmuth Cries Hypocrisy With Court Ruling on Sports Betting

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While much of the gambling world was ecstatic over the U.S. Supreme Court ruling that sports betting can now be legalized in all fifty states, one man cried foul.

The "Poker Brat" Phil Hellmuth says "what about poker"?

Technically that game is illegal, at least online.  Lobbying efforts to push for legalization long before sports betting ever got into the act have mostly failed.

Hellmuth tweeted after Monday's decision:

Today’s ruling by the Supreme Court foreshadows the eminent legalization of sports betting across most/all states. The English have laughed at US Citizens for a long time, saying only in USA would laws be in place to tell us how “We cannot spend our money”

He later added:

Every Major sport (NBA, NFL, MLB) is behind the legalization of sports betting, and all of them will profit by it. But how can Sports Betting online be legalized w/out online poker being legalized (clearly more skill than sports betting)? The time is NOW to legalize online poker!

The reality is that, while professional sports leagues are now embracing the U.S. Supreme Court's decision and will likely profit from it, they were the defendants in the original case brought by the state of New Jersey.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com