Gus Hansen Drops a Half Million

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Gus Hansen

Volatility. This is one key factor that the high stakes cash game poker player must be able to withstand. For those playing the nosebleed games on Full Tilt Poker, they deal with the type of volatility those most regular folks can only imagine. With average pot sizes around $100K, it is always a very real possibility that the turn of a card can lose or win astonishing amounts of money. But they press on anyway, showing a courage that is the stuff of legends.


Perhaps on tilt from being on the losing end of several hands early on, Gus Hansen's play was uneven at best, and at worst, downright questionable as he seemingly lost the maximum in several marginal situations.


The big winner while Hansen was in the midst of losing nearly a half million dollars was, no big surprise, Tom "Durrrr" Dwan who booked a profit of slightly less than a quarter million dollars. And although Patrik Antonius was also at the tables, their million dollar challenge did not take place.


In some of the largest pots of the session, Cole South took down a $200K pot after rivering his flush draw in a multiway pot. Not surprisingly, one of those players was poor Gus Hansen. In addition, South took another nearly $200K pot when he again hit a draw on the river. This time it was a straight that got there to make another dent in Hansen. In the 3rd big hand, South took down a pot worth $165K. His opponent? Again, it was Hansen. Though it is unclear what Hansen held, South took him to the woodshed again.


Luckily for Hansen, and his opponents as well, he has the money behind him to withstand these massive losses and he will play on, perhaps even as you read this.

Source:  www.aintluck.com