Gambling911.com Debuts New Subsection: Full Tilt Poker BS

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Jagajeet Chiba
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Full Tilt Poker

Mysterious European investors, bizarre posting forum identity theft, and denials that any ponzi scheme ever took place at Full Tilt Poker, Gambling911.com frankly is getting a little tired of all these other media outlets getting hoodwinked by what was once the world’s second largest online poker room.

We’ve decided to devote an entire section here at Gambling911.com to Full Tilt Poker and we are aptly calling it “Full Tilt Poker BS”.

The bottom line Folks is that Full Tilt Poker still owes players across the globe millions of dollars.  They haven’t paid customers back since indictments were handed down against principals of that company on April 15 by US Feds.  Charges included money laundering and bank fraud.  PokerStars executives were also charged that same date and it took about three or four weeks for that thriving company to pay back all its US customers. 

People can blame the US Government all they want but the fact remains, Full Tilt Poker knew they were under investigation two years prior to those indictments a la their name not being redacted as part of Gambling911.com parent company Costigan Media’s Motion to Intervene being approved by a US Federal Judge.  Everybody was also well aware of a grand jury investigation and subpoenas leading up to that April 15 date.  Full Tilt Poker, knowing what was about to transpire, did absolutely nothing to protect its loyal customers. 

Now we are being led to believe that the son of a French billionaire is “seriously considering” acquiring Full Tilt Poker.  He is more “serious” then that other mysterious group of investors from last week who decided to back out of the deal because they did not want to assume liability for US player debts.

Oh and then there is this shortfall of funds where the latest slant is – drum roll please – other Full Tilt Poker customers are actually the one’s who owe fellow players since they were apparently playing on credit. 

That’s Full Tilt’s problem unless they entered into some type of agreement with said players (similar to that of a credit sports betting business model).  Unfortunately, that is their latest spin and a few of those affected by the Full Tilt Poker delinquent payments are starting to buy this premise. 

- Jagajeet Chiba, Gambling911.com Editor-In-Chief

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