Full Tilt Poker UK Players Back Those in USA

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C Costigan
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Full Tilt Poker UK Players

The Full Tilt Poker UK players have spoken.  Many refuse to play until those in the USA finally get their monies.

To date, Full Tilt Poker has yet to pay out those customers living in the USA.  Players have waited just over two months since an indictment was handed down against the world’s second largest online poker room by US authorities alleging money laundering and bank fraud.  Another indicted company, PokerStars, paid all of its US-based customers.

A player on the popular TwoPlusTwo.com posting forum offered this:

I'm Irish and used to only play on FTP. I wouldn't put my money on there now though and won't until the players have been paid back and there's evidence that FTP are in a position to support withdrawals going forward.

The future of poker for non-US players has a very large ? over it currently, particularly with the EU Court of Justice ruling recently that it is absolutely fine for countries to basically cut their players off playing internationally and force them to play on country-only poker like .fr and .it.

If the **** hits the fan in a few EU countries, I want to be confident I can withdraw quickly and at the moment, FTP doesn't offer that confidence.

Another had this to offer, referencing FTP pro Phil Ivey’s intent to sue the company:

I thought it was still "safe" upto Phil Ivey's statement. Safe, in that it was just the typical FTP procedure of taking forever to do a simple task.

Now I'm wondering if the USA money is even in the FTP accounts or if they were playing the stock market with it.

You have to question why Stars has paid and FTP have not.

Time to withdraw while you can, which unfortunately for the USA players it will mean even less chance of them receiving their funds.

Immediately following the indictments, players around the world felt compelled to keep playing at Full Tilt Poker, blaming the US Justice Department for the company’s payout woes.

Today, more and more customers have been questioning FTP’s solvency. 

UK poker players patronizing Full Tilt Poker have also reported delays in receiving payouts even from eWallets, which should normally process within hours.

Comments from UK players like the one below appear to be more commonplace in recent weeks. 

It’s been over 14 days for my bank transfer, still nothing.

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher