Fry Howard Lederer Game Released

Written by:
Ace King
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Fry Howard Lederer Game Released

It’s been almost 8 months since US players have seen any of their money from Full Tilt Poker. 

On April 15, the US Feds cracked down on the company and two of its executives, charging them with money laundering and bank fraud.  Attorneys for Full Tilt Poker have been in full damage control ever since, insisting a French Company, Groupe Bernard Tapie, will be the white knight to save the day.  Players still have to contact US law enforcement about getting their funds back and you can bet a tax audit letter will follow that request (not to mention a lot of red tape). 

This fall, professional poker players Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson were accused of partaking in an elaborate ponzi scheme.  The two men had their faces plastered all over Full Tilt Poker ads in recent years with Lederer in the now unenviable roll as “ring leader” or the “senior poker pro”.  Lederer and Ferguson were said to have stakes in FTP.

Now players can let out a little steam by frying Lederer.  And, yes, this could be a little addicting, even for those of us NOT owed money by Full Tilt Poker.


Have lingering feelings of resentment towards Howard Lederer?

Try a touch of electrocution, in cartoon form.

It won’t get your money back. But it is a brief respite from waiting for a statement from Full Tilt Poker’s Board of Directors.

Not much of a relief, but a little.

Hold the button, watch him fry.

- Ace King,