Free-to-Play Game of Online Poker Zynga Won’t Offer Cash Games in Near Future

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C Costigan
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Free-to-Play Game of Online Poker

There has been a lot of talk about the world’s largest free-to-play game of online poker Zynga offering cash games once regulation takes place in the United States. 

Zynga Poker General Manager Lo Toney has been talking down the prospect in recent days. 

In fact, Mr. Toney is adamant Zynga Poker will remain free-to-play, even if legislation ultimately passes that would make cash games legal in the United States.

“Zynga's business model is free-to-play and we monetize the virtual goods.,” Toney said in an interview with Poker News.  “That's our business model. We have no interest in going after the real-money space. We have been able to build a very nice business for ourselves with our heads down focusing on our existing business model.”

This is certainly good news for the likes of South Point Poker, which this month became the first Las Vegas casino to launch an online poker room and has every intention of offering a real money platform.  Currently, South Point offers its own free-to-play Internet poker room with opportunities to win top cash prizes and seats at the 2012 World Series of Poker.

In February, South Point will likely be among the first companies granted a license by the Nevada Gaming Commission to offer real cash play online poker within that state’s borders. 

Other casino groups have revealed similar plans to obtain licenses though none currently offer an Internet poker platform.

- Chris Costigan, Gambling911.com Publisher