Former U.S. Attorney Talks FBI Investigation of Wichita Poker Pro

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Still no word on why the US Government wiretapped the phone of Wichita local businessman and poker pro Brandon Steven, but a former U.S. Attorney this week offered his insight.

Homes owned by Steven, Daven Flax and Danny Chapman were also raided last month.  Steven said at the time he believed the probe involved his gambling activities including an attempt to bid for a state casino.  Few details have been offered beyond that point.

Former U.S. Attorney Randy Rathbun told KWCH12 Wednesday some cases can take months to present to a grand jury.

Rathburn suggests that the case appears to be “very complex” with “multiple targets”.

He also notes it could take months for indictments to be handed down, assuming they ever are.

"I had cases that went three or four different presentations to the grand jury before we marshaled enough evidence or felt comfortable asking for an indictment," said Rathbun.

No charges have been handed down as of yet.


- Gilbert Horowitz, Gambling911.com