Former November Niner, Scott Montgomery, Robbed at Bellagio

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Making the final table at the World Series of Poker Main Event is unquestionably the greatest accomplishment to date for original November Niner Scott Montgomery. Being able to escape the bathroom at the Bellagio hotel unharmed after being mugged at knifepoint a short time ago, however, seems like a more welcome relief in the short term.

In breaking news, Montgomery was in the world famous Vegas hotel for a preliminary event for the Festa al Lago tournament series when he went to the restroom during a scheduled tournament break. Once inside, as per his Twitter post immediately after, Montgomery said,

“Got mugged today at Bellagio. Black guy pulled a knife on me in the restroom. I gave him the $2K in my wallet and he left.”

Montgomery was particularly miffed at the hotel’s security staff taking a laid back approach in the situation, no one even asking him to review security footage after taking 15 minutes to respond to his call for help. By then, the bandit was likely elsewhere on the Vegas strip.

The situation brings to mind a similar situation that happened to former World Champ Greg Raymer at the same hotel in 2004 when two men accosted him outside of his hotel room. That time however, the robbery was foiled when Raymer fought back. Considering he banked $3.1 million for his 5th place finish back in 2009, Montgomery should perhaps consider himself lucky that he was unharmed and only lost $2,000 as far too often we see that simple robberies could turn out much, much worse.

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