Formaldehyde in Poker Cards Could Kill

Written by:
Jagajeet Chiba
Published on:

Chinese poker players have been warned in recent days that they could face death by continuing to play poker.

Formaldehyde was found in nearly a fifth of playing cards, authorities in China determined.

Huang Lai-ho from the Chinese Bureau of Standards, Metrology and Inspection (BSMI) said: "A total of five out of the 30 tested poker cards were found to contain an above-standard amount of free-formaldehyde"

Carcinogenic chemicals are permitted in playing cards but only 75 parts per million.  Those tested contained a shocking 612 ppm.

Chinese authorities have ordered a recall while urging hand washing to those who have come in contact with the deadly cards. 

Formaldehyde is a chemical compound which is widely used in industrial manufacturing and a number of other industries.  It is also used as an embalming preservative for dead bodies. 

- Jagajeet Chiba,