Florida House Could Inadvertently Ban Online Poker in State

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Ace King
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Florida House Could Inadvertently Ban Online Poker in State

With news this month of Florida’s legislatures banning Internet cafes in the wake of a massive money laundering scheme, there have been concerns raised that online poker could inadvertently be banned in the Sunshine State as a result

The Florida House last week voted 110 to 6 to ban Internet cafes in the state.   

Florida Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll resigned two weeks ago following an extensive probe into the Allied Veterans of the World charity that was suspected of running illegal gambling through statewide Internet cafes.

And an unintended target:  Online poker and other potential forms of Web gambling. 

From LegalPokerSites.com:

Online poker may be an unintended victim of this bill.  A computer may not be used if a player can enter anything to receive credits and use those credits to win anything of value.  This language could be applied to online poker and other games played over the internet for money.  Online poker may not have been the target, but it could make harder for it to become legalized and regulated in Florida.  Portions of this bill would need to be repealed without allowing the internet sweepstakes cafes another back door to reappear across Florida.

- Ace King, Gambling911.com