European Poker Tour Grand Final 2011 – Day 2 Chip Leaders

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Ace King
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European Poker Tour Grand Final 2011

The European Poker Tour Grand Final 2011 chip leaders included 6 players in the top 10 (chip counts) who were not even from Europe.  Four players from the US, one from Canada and one from Mexico were included among the top 10.  One player each from Norway and Sweden combined with two players from the United Kingdom.

104 players remained from the 686 entrants. 

The EPT Grand Tour Final 2011 winner will receive €1,500,000 while the runner up gets just shy of €1 million. 

Ole Kristian Nergard of Norway and Kristoffer Thorsson of Sweden led the pack after Day 2.  Daniel Weinman from the US was in third.  A modestly successful female poker player from the US, Melanie Weisner, clung onto the number 5 spot. 

Big name Brazilian poker pro Alex Gomes was in 11th place after Day 2 of the European Poker Tour Grand Final.

Fernando Brito, expected to be named the EPT Poker Player of the Year, was also among the top 30 chip leaders.

Ivan Demidov, the Team PokerStars pro from Russia was still in the running after Day 2.

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