Ernie Scherer Murder Trial: Wife Says He Cheated On Her While She Was Pregnant

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Ace King
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Ernie Scherer Murder Trial

The wife of a poker player who is standing on trial for the murder of his parents testified in court on Monday and Tuesday. Ernest Scherer, Jr. and Charlene Abendroth were found brutally stabbed and beaten to death in their Castlewood Country Club home in March 2008.  The weapons consisted of a youth baseball bat and sword. 

Robyn Scherer also testified that her husband, Ernest Scherer III, went off on a skiing excursion while she was giving birth.  Four days later he headed off to a New Year’s Eve party, leaving Robyn alone with the newborn.  

Prosecutors contend that Scherer III killed his parents in order to gain a million dollar-plus inheritance that would be valuable in covering massive gambling debts and a home mortgage.

Robyn testified that Ernie had always provided money for her up until just one month prior to the slayings.

"There was never a time ... He had always supplied me with the money when I asked for it,” she said tearfully. 

The Mercury News reported that Scherer III had been smiling when Robyn entered the courtroom earlier in the morning, while occasionally flashing grins as she testified.

The two married in a Mormon Temple in 1999.  Previous testimony alluded to Scherer III’s mother frequently arguing with Ernie over his excessive gambling.  Her strict Mormon upbringing prohibited such activity, though Charlene’s husband also played poker on occasion. 

For Scherer III, it was more than just an occasional game of poker.

"He was gone more, playing more poker, gradually playing higher-stakes games," his wife testified. "Just the amount of time he was gone kept increasing."

The couple split after the murders with their official divorce granted last summer.

- Ace King,