Ernie Scherer Craigslist Ads for Women After Murder of Parents Referred to as “Cheat Sheet”

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Ace King
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Poker player Ernie Scherer III’s philandering was discussed during a third day of cross-examination of the defendant.  Specifically, prosecutor Michael Nieto made reference to a series of ads for women placed on Craigslist.

"I'd say it's fair to call it a cheat sheet," Scherer III called it. "That's exactly what I was going to call it," Nieto said.

In all, 10 women’s names appeared on the so-called “cheat sheet” along with information as to where he could meet them.

Scherer III was married at the time and his wife Robyn had previously testified regarding his cheating ways.

The poker player, who has also been accused of cheating in casinos, is on trial for the March 2008 murder of his parents.  Local political activist Ernest Scherer Jr., 60, and his wife, Cal an accounting lecturer at Cal East, Charlene Abendroth, 57, were found bludgeoned and stabbed to death in their Castlewood Country Club, California home. 

Robyn had cooperated with authorities and testified that Scherer III begged her not to, citing a law that prevents spouses from testifying against one another.

The case is expected to wind up some time this month.

- Ace King,