Erica Schoenberg: Poker’s Sexiest for 2010

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Jenny Woo
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Erica Schoenberg Sexiest Poker Player

Jenny Woo here for Gambling911.com and I heard y'all loud and clear.  Really appreciate the feedback with my first Sexiest Poker Player of 2010 offering, Phil Hellmuth.  A lot of you said you wanted to see poker babe Erica Schoenberg on my list.  I concur.  She should be there.

I received comments such as these:

Erica Schoenberg

You never include her in your list! Hot Hot Hot. Smokin Hot!

Oh total babe central.

Oh total babe central. Erica is from Ohio. I thought she was from Sweden all this time lol. Jenny get her on your list and kick PH to the curb please.

And regarding Phil Hellmuth, not sure if he is going to make this year's cut.  The only comments about Hellmuth were:


Guess it's contract renewal time. Sorry Jenny there are 8 ladies and maybe 2 men who belong on your list. My personal fav is Lacey Jones.

Well, Phil, I tried...unless he can muster up enough support.  He's got plenty of time.  The year is still young.

In case you missed it, Gambling911.com will be helping to decide the Sexiest Poker Player of 2010.

I'm going to create a list of what I believe makes a poker player like Erica Schoenberg sexy.

YOU will offer feedback below in our comments sextion. 

In compiling my own list of Poker's Sexiest for 2010, YOUR input will be taken into consideration.

We won't stop there either.  With each article, I'm going to ask our readers to comment on who they believe should make the cut and why.

Here is why I think Erica Schoenberg should qualify, though this doesn't mean I don't find others in the poker community more sexy.


What makes Erica Schoenberg sexy for 2010?


*Farm fed.

*She's a blonde model with a smoking body.

*I bet she has two g-spots.

*Scandinavian looking and her name sounds it too but born and bred in the Midwest. 

*The best thing to come out of Ohio since Christopher Columbus.

*Love girls with curls.

*Goes both ways, and by that I mean she's sexy feminine in one regard, a tractor riding tomboy in the other.

*Sassy and classy.

*Her breasts are REAL...not REAL EXPENSIVE like mine.

*She's a professional volley ball player and that propels her right up my list.

*Schoenberg's fiancé is high stakes poker player David Benyamine.  That's double the lovin'.


The downside:


*None that I can think of.

*Okay, maybe this: Her total live poker tournament winnings exceed a mere $630,000.  It takes more than a million to get Jenny chillin'.  Still love ya girl!


Post your thoughts below. 

Jenny Woo, Gambling911.com Senior International Correspondent 

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