Eric Baldwin Wins $1500 No Limit Hold’em, Robert Peacock Wins Double Stack

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33-year-old Robert Peacock won the $1000 No Limit Hold’em Double Stack, his first bracelet and first bracelet and $644,224.

“I mean, I ran so good to get here,” said Peacock. “I came in to Day 2 with like 12 big blinds and then just won all of my all ins for the tournament life. That’s the strategy, right? Play good, run good? I was ahead in almost all of them and the worst-case scenario was a flip. It’s crazy.”

Final Table Results:

1st: Robert Peacock - $644,224
2nd: Nicholas Salimbene - $397,908
3rd: Josh Turner - $294,760
4th: Jacky Wong - $219,952
5th: Ralph Wong - $165,342
6th: Daniel Eichhorn - $125,215
7th: James Ostrowski - $95,538
8th: Pfizer Jordan - $73,446
9th: Takao Shimizu - $56,891

Eric Baldwin won his first bracelet nearly a decade ago. He won a $1,500 no-limit hold’em event in 2009 and won the same event nine years later for his second. Baldwin topped a field of 1,330 entries to win his second bracelet and $319,580.

“It’s surreal,” said Baldwin about the entire experience. “My mom came out and surprised me. I had no idea she was coming, so it ended up being a blessing that we didn’t end up finishing last night. It gave her a chance to come out here and see it and that is pretty cool.”

Final Table Results:

1st: Eric Baldwin -  $319,580
2nd: Ian Steinman - $197,461
3rd: Enrico Rudelitz - $140,957
4th: Aaron Massey - $101,819
5th: Robert Georato - $74,434
6th: Michael Finstein - $55,077
7th: Stephen Song - $41,257
8th: Gilsoo Kim - $31,290
9th: Matthew Moore - $24,032

- Ace King, Gambling911.com