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New Online Poker Network Launches:  Introducing the Equity Poker Network

Online poker network Equity Poker Network (EPN) launching with a bang, a non-profit poker network promising to bring operators, players and affiliates a fairer future.

San Jose, Costa Rica – Online Poker Operators looking to profit even more from the game can now count on Equity Poker Network, a new cooperative non-profit poker network. EquityPokerNetwork.com, announced that operators can now sign up to a fairer future where profit and cross cage is balanced ensuring even Sports, or other operators, with mostly losing players will be winners.

“We’re rewriting the rules to provide small and medium size businesses with an opportunity to offer their players online poker without losing their shirts each month to cross cage and sharp players,” noted Clive Archer, architect of EquityPokerNetwork.com. “We understand how valuable player wallets are to operators, and can now offer a solution with our new cooperative poker network where everyone wins.”

This morning’s announcement was just part of a major new initiative for Equity Poker Network having already signed up several significant operators. The Network is innovating in a much needed concern area for many operators who want to offer their players poker yet find they are cash negative month on month as the rake generated by their players is less than they have to pay to other network operators.

The Equity Poker Network will redistribute profits back to operators on a basis of contribution and offer very low fixed fees to be part of the network. The Network rules will be less restrictive on promotions and provide lower costs, better liquidity and a unique level playing field ensuring even recreational player bases will flourish.

With multiple business models available to operators, the Network will provide services to operators around the world. So how is this network so different? Risk Management  is a key area, EPN provides players and operators with Clearing House Functionality, where funds are held to cover cross cage liabilities and to ensure players money is always available – EPN will be able to ensure against operator failure and by holding funds separately also ensuring against network failure – not that this seems likely.

“Equity Poker Network is on track to make many operators leap at the chance to become a part of the cooperative, sick of the month on month costs of having online poker as the black sheep of their product set – now they will have something to really get behind,” said Archer. “With rock solid software that has been tried and tested for over 10 years we are certain that creating this new fairer playing field for both operators and players is going to provide a huge relief to all that will be joining our Network over the coming months.”

For more information on Equity Poker Network and the answers to your questions, visit www.EquityPokerNetwork.com or contact Clive Archer on clivearcher54@gmail.com .

About EquityPokerNetwork (EPN)

 EquityPokerNetwork (www.EquityPokerNetwork.com) is a new Poker network established by a group of investors with a long term blue chip track record in Gaming.  It was conceived based on the investors’ frustration at the failure of existing business models for many gaming operators. It is a cooperative non-profit business, which means that the participating operators have a say in the running of the business based on rules which ensure a level playing field and a balanced player eco culture. EPN utilizes software which has been in live operation for over ten years and a proven management team. The network provides a profitable way for gaming operators to add Poker as a real business asset.

For further information contact Clive Archer at clive@equitypokernetwork.com or visit www.EquityPokerNetwork.com