EPT Barcelona Open Breaks Records

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Ace King
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EPT Barcelona Open

Day 1B of the EPT Barcelona Open Poker brought in 327 players, raising the tourney's total to 619, which while we're no math majors, based on what we hear that's some kind of new record.

As Poker Listings points out:

"EPT Barcelona provides a striking contrast to WPT Legends, which took place barely a week ago, and saw it's field decrease by roughly 25% compared to last year. Barcelona, on the hand, saw it's player count grow by 76 players this year."

The total prize pool for the event is just about $1.9M.

Sebastian Ruthenberg and Mikael Lundell ended the day as chip leaders, stacked at. 110,000 Other big names making it to Day 2 include but are not limited to Sorel Mizzi, Mats Rahmn, and Joe Pelton.

Big name busts include Daniel Negreanu, Scotty Nguyen, and Isabelle Mercier.

Source: Wicked Chops Poker