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For centuries, poker games have been a source of fun.

Early poker fans had invented a creative game to relax on casino floors after a busy day at work. Nowadays, mobile gaming cements the path to futuristic poker game designs; the game is even more accessible. Modern-day poker games developers take note of hard it is for beginners to comprehend the relatively complex poker strategies, hand rankings, and hand combinations. Therefore, they are designing simplistic poker variants that you can comfortably enjoy while at home.

The Appeal Behind Poker Games

Casino games enthusiasts or even casual gamers play poker games for fun. For the experienced ones with poker strategies at their fingertips, the compelling traction to the poker game is to beat the house or other significant players and earn extra dollars from their skills. Whether you want to play a fun game or a round of betting with real stakes, poker variants are pretty appealing as you can leverage strategic decisions and beat the dealer/house or other players on the table.

How to Choose the Easiest Poker Game for You

The numerous list will likely overwhelm you when searching for your favorite poker variants. Types like seven-card stud, Texas hold 'em, Omaha stud poker, and the Razz poker might appear confusing. While the variations may constitute different hands payouts, the gameplay remains the same. Even so, it would be best if you based your choice on the simplicity of the game when applying various strategies. For instance, as you play Texas hold 'em, you will realize how easy it starts with pre-flops bets, then serving community cards, and the eventual determination of the winning hand by considering the pot limit.

Best Poker Variations to Play at Home

Overall, when playing online and offline, poker games offer a chance to have extra fun. In the early gambling days, popular poker game variants were limited. However, as technology advances, innovative and creative developers are designing many variations which you can play online at home. These designers intend to let fans play the most popular poker game without the hustles and bustles of traveling to physical casinos, alternatively offering a variety of 

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Traditional poker games

Many poker gamblers are accustomed to names like the seven-card stud poker, Omaha, Texas hold 'em, and the Ruzz poker. Unknown to them are other numerous classic poker games with equalling compelling gameplay. Here are a few of them.

  • Vanunu Poker. In this game, the dealer deals with seven face-down cards. They then roll theirs independently. Betting rounds until when only there are two downcards and five upcards. Afterward, the game resembles an auction. Players have a chance to pitch back cards and also to buy another card if the previously dealt was a face-up card. As the game continues, players must also declare high, low, or both via dropping coins on the table simultaneously.

  • Lazy/Crazy Pineapple Poker. This is another traditional poker game in which players are initially dealt with three cards and must discard one prior to the first betting round. Other betting rounds follow the Texas hold'em rules.

  • The Irish Poker. This traditional variant borrows a lot from the Omaha and Texas hold'em variants. Also, some elements of Irish luck play a crucial role when it comes to your hand. The game starts by serving four community cards, and the usual pre-flop process continues. Nonetheless, after the flop bets, players must discard two cards, after which the typical hold 'em process continues.

Texas hold'em

Texas hold'em poker was first introduced in Texas Robstown town in the early 20th Century. The new twists of the game involved sharing 5 common cards and combining them with two hole cards to get the best possible five-card draw. Since then, Texas hold'em has grown into a household name among online and offline poker lovers.

This poker game accommodates up to 10 players, but as low as two players can start playing. It comes with a button or a player chip passed clockwise in successive rounds to assign players' positions for Antes or Blinds. The player next to the dealer pays the small blind while the one next to him pays the big blind, typically the former's double. The game begins by dealing with two hole cards (Facedown) after the two blinds have been posted. Upon dealing with the two cards, the player next to the big blind starts the pre-flop betting round. The bets placed must meet the table's minimum threshold, in which case the betting round continues clockwise until all players have

  • Placed equal betting rounds through raising or calling of bets.

  • Exhausted their bankroll.

  • Withdrawn from the hand by folding their cards.

After this betting round, the two players who had posted the blinds can eventually apply their values towards the pre-flop bets. If there are more than two players after the first betting round, the dealer proceeds by burning the card atop the deck and serving three community cards. These are face-up cards which are known as the flop. They initiate the second round of betting.

This process of burning a card, issuing three community face-up cards, and the eventual betting round continues until the fifth community card is dealt. This is the final betting round. If more than two players are in the game, they must flip their hole cards. The player with the best five-card hand gets the pot. If two or more players have equal value hands, the pot is evenly shared.

Online Poker

Online poker sites offer a range of poker game variants. Unlike in the past, when players had to travel to far-flung land-based casinos, nowadays, you can play popular poker games within a few clicks on your device. Whether for seven-card stud, Chinese poker, texas Holdem, or the Badugi poker, you can have fun while on the go. As an experienced online poker player, you can participate in the best tournaments worldwide and win epic prizes. Such tournaments include the World Poker Tour, in which you can win up to $100, 000 monthly prizes.


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