DoylesRoom True Poker Online Poker Cashouts Coming in Close to 2 Weeks for US Customers

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C Costigan
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DoylesRoom True Poker Online Poker Cashouts

Two of the online poker rooms still catering to US players – DoylesRoom and True Poker – have cashouts close to two weeks on average, which is above the industry average during the month of June.

Online poker rooms in particular have been slammed by a pool of players displaced by PokerStars, Full Tilt Poker and as those three companies were forced to flee the US market in April.

DoylesRoom and True both had their domains seized due to an “administrative” matter in which the two companies names were listed within an application sent by an affiliated online bingo website that got caught up in a Maryland sting operation.  Neither Doyles or True missed a beat in getting players paid.  The two sites moved to a .ag domain extension, which is fast becoming the industry norm.

A player at the posting forum writes:

I requested a Doyles Room wire Withdrawl post Maryland seizure. In my bank account in about 7 business days. Very pleasantly surprised.

Amount was about 9k

Some online poker companies are taking between 4 to 6 weeks to pay customers due to the demand vs. limited processing capacity restraints that are expected to continue for the next month. 

DoylesRoom and True continue to service US clients.  In fact, the two companies are pushing hard promoting the upcoming Punta Cana Poker Classic in November. learned last week that Doyles and True – both on the Yatahay Network – were able to bring on new payment processors to better service customers. met with the folks from DoylesRoom and True last week and were advised that paying customers in the most expedient way possible was the number one priority. 

DoylesRoom and True recently upgraded their software.  The new upgrades have received favorable reviews. is a paid sponsor.

- Chris Costigan, Publisher