Is Doyles Room Helping to Push Microgaming’s Online Poker Network?

Written by:
Ace King
Published on:
Doyle Brunson

Something exciting is happening with the Microgaming online poker network. When of the largest providers of Internet casino software suites, Microgaming for the most part has been lagging below the top 10 in terms of overall real cash online poker players.

There has been a shift in momentum and that might have to do very much so with Doyles Room joining that network earlier this year. is the leading poker player celebrity represented online poker website in the world developed around the world's oldest player, Doyle Brunson. The only person still living who has a BC after his birth date. Okay, bad joke.

Doyles Room is offering over $4,000,000 in tournament prizes, a 110 percent cash bonus and now the world's biggest casino jackpots.

The Microgaming Network has now passed Bodog Poker. And while it still lags just under the top 10, recent "real cash players" tallies demonstrate that Microgaming and its marquee brand Doyles Room is beating Absolute Poker, Cake Poker while the weekly averages show that Microgaming pretty much has the same number of players as Pacific Poker and Absolute Poker.

Doyle Brunson, the face of Doyles Room Online Poker (pictured above taking a tumble at the party earlier this year), will be putting out a book this fall.

"My autobiography is coming out this fall," Doyle told "I was pretty hesitant to do it to tell you the truth and I still have a lot of reservations cause a lot of things that I'm not too proud of (haha) and some of them I couldn't even put in there. But we did it two years ago, most of it, and I got to thinking about it and said nah I don't want to do this. But then we decided to go ahead and put it out."


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