Doyle Brunson Minor Domestic Dispute With Wife and More

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Just to be clear about my Doylisms, not all of them are original.  People come up to me and say, "I read that somewhere before."  I read a lot when I have time and jot down sayings that make an impression on me.  There is a wide variety, all the way from Will Rogers to Winston Churchill.  Other Doylisms come from things I've heard in conversation and some are original ones that I create.  Anyways, they are lots of fun.

I'm in the middle of a minor domestic dispute with my wife.  Louise is an absolute jewel and needs to be awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor for putting up with me for 47 years.  But sometimes, I'm reminded of an old Texas saying, "There are only two times in a man's life when he doesn't understand women.  Before marriage and after marriage."

There is no high-limit poker right now like what you find at  Everybody has gone to the Bahamas for a tournament.  As I have repeatedly said, internet poker and tournaments have ruined live cash games.  I may go to Ireland for the Irish Open, but I'm not going to do much traveling.  Las Vegas and California have enough tournaments for me.  I really like the slowdown structure most of the big tournaments are going to.

 If you read my last blog, Margaret Hussman, a 15 year old girl from El Paso who is diagnosed with untreatable cancer, is trying to do fun things for the duration of her life.  She went to New York, took a helicopter tour of the city, went to a musical on Broadway and bought tons of souvenirs.  Send Margaret some words of encouragement to Maybe, just maybe, the doctors will be wrong and Margaret will make it.

The University I went to in Texas has sent me a letter informing me that I'm to be inducted into the Athletic Hall of Fame there.  This came after years and years of my friends and teammates trying to get me inducted.  My name was brought up to the selection committee 10-15 times and was rejected.  Why?  Because I'm a Pro Poker Player and the University is a Baptist college who doesn't approve of gambling.  I don't mean to toot my own horn but my credentials as an athlete during my college years certainly qualify me.  I'm in a dilemma if I should accept.



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