Doyle Brunson: 'I am Off the Trump Bandwagon, He Completely Caved'

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He's a lifelong Republican and voted for Donald Trump for U.S. President, but now the legend of poker, Doyle Brunson, has declared he is "off the Trump bandwagon".  Scroll Down for More

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So what did it for Brunson? 

The signing of a $1.3 trillion (with a "t") omnibus spending bill.

Brunson tweeted to fellow poker pro and Trump supporter Mike Matusow Saturday:

Brunson is not alone.

Popular conservative radio host, Rush Limbaugh, also expressed outrage at the President's signing of the omnibus spending bill.

"In addition to feeling like I just saw Donald Trump go back up the escalator, I’m not feeling like anything that happened today was game changing," the radio host continued. "This seemed much the same as we have become accustomed to in watching Washington function. And it doesn’t feel right."

Conservative political pundit Ann Coulter also skewered Trump in a series of tweets Friday.

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