Doyle Brunson Gushes and Gushes Over Vanessa Rousso

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Doyle Brunson
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Doyle Brunson

I didn't have a very good result in my return to poker, after a few months off. In the NBC Heads Up Championship, I lost in the 1st round to Vanessa Rousso.  I've got no excuses, she held the best hands and I never really had a chance.  I made two hidden pair twice and she beat both hands.  It's hard to overcome a bad start and she played very well and now I'm on the rail.  Vanessa is the GoDaddy representative and is going to be in the poker world for a long time.

At least maybe we will be able to have a few cash games down at Bobby's Room. Out of the 64 entries in the Heads Up Tournament, there are a dozen or so high limit cash game players.  The eliminations come very quickly so everyone will be looking for a game.  I know I'm ready and I feel much better just getting out of the house.  I guess I just need action.

I got a call from Eli Elezra and the boys and girl (Jen Harman), are gathering at the Bellagio.  I can't wait to get there.  I've waited in the house until I'm going nuts.

Vanessa Rousso made it to the final two in the NBC Heads Up Tournament.  She beat me, Phil Ivey, Paul Wasicka and Daniel Negreanu.  That's pretty impressive and it shows how many good players that are out there that aren't really recognized. Vanessa probably isn't ready for the high stakes cash games but she is certainly good enough for the tournaments.

I saw Barry Greenstein at the tournament and he told me about the thread on a forum that questioned if I could beat a 1k NL game.  For the record, and you can say this is written in stone, I've never seen a poker game that I can't beat.  I am going to exclude PLO because, even though I've had good results playing it, I have never felt comfortable.  Why?  I don't know for sure, but I always go with my gut feeling.  

Can I win multi-tabling?  No, I wouldn't even try because that is something I know nothing about. I'm certainly not trying to win a spot on the great internet players, but if anyone wants to play real poker, come on down to where everyone knows the big games are. And as I've always said, the best players in the world are playing in the biggest games in the world.  How do you think we got there?  Almost every high limit player, including me, came up through the ranks.  I played 1-2-5 NL Hold'em for years and years and worked my way up.  I realize there are good players at the lower levels and some could make the grade, but my question is why haven't they moved up?  Don't like money?  Water seeks its own level and so do poker players!

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Doyle Brunson,