Doyle Brunson Breeds Another Poker Powerhouse

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Harman Throwdown Poker

The Brunson 10 aren't the only DoylesRoom.com players to do well on the international poker tournament scene. Pam Brunson and a group of non-pros showed the world that DoylesRoom breeds some of the top poker talent by finishing second out of 43 teams in the Throw Down Poker Championship on May 7th and 8th.

The 2010 Throw Down Poker competition, benefiting the National Kidney Foundation, unfolded over the weekend in Reno, Nevada. The event featured 43 teams of 10 players with each team paying $2,500 to play. While players competed individually in the Texas Hold'em tournament, each player earned points based on their finish along the way to compete for team title.

Pam Brunson and several ordinary DoylesRoom players with extraordinary talent proved that DoylesRoom is home to some of online poker's best. With Brunson as captain, the team included Anjela Brunson, Michelle Richey, Suzie McBaine, Corey Williams, Morgan Stogner, Brett Shreffler, Carole Wueste, Rob Wueste, and Ed Padgett.

It should be noted that Pam Brunson was an obvious choice for team captain. As a proven tournament winner and manager of the Brunson 10, Pam Brunson is responsible for handling scheduling, daily business and managing the Brunson 10's relationships with one of the fastest growing online poker sites and its players.


About DoylesRoom.com:
Online since 2004, DoylesRoom (www.DoylesRoom.com) is one of two brands in the Doyle Brunson family of gaming sites. Along with DoylesCasino, DoylesRoom provides players from around North America and the world with an online gaming experience like no other. DoylesRoom is famous for providing players with access to unequaled poker promotions, fast action, and countless opportunities to play with Doyle Brunson and other legends of the game. With free poker software, lessons, tournaments, nonstop Sit-and-Go tournaments and ring games available at all limits, DoylesRoom is the preeminent poker destination for real live game play-online or anywhere.


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