Doyle Brunson Adds Jenny Woo to his Dance Card

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Jenny and Doyle Sitting in a Tree....


DOYLEISM OF THE DAY: “A drowning man doesn’t complain about the size of a life preserver.”

I hope everybody voted this last week. As expected, the Republicans won the House of Representatives and did major damage to the Democrats’ hopes. Harry Reid won his senate seat and I’m not sure how I feel about it. Harry was personally responsible for me getting my gaming license 40 years ago when he was the head of the Gaming Commission so I feel an obligation toward him. On the other hand, except that he is supposedly pro poker, I’m a little disappointed in his past of approving some controversial bills.

I can’t believe the tax situation. I know it is our only way to support our nation but as Thomas Jefferson said, “Democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give it to those who won’t work.”

Three more days and I head for Punta Cana for the poker tournament DoylesRoom is hoping to sponsor next year. The Dominican Republic is under heavy rains and windy right now from the hurricanes but the weather should clear up before we get there. It should be a fun trip with Gambling 911’s Jenny Woo throwing a party. She is a legend among party goers and I’m almost afraid to go at my age. Fortunately, my daughter Pam and daughter-in-law Anjela will be along to supervise things.

My son Todd just lost his last blue heeler from his original five. The Brunson family are all pet owners and we love them so I really hurt for him. On the other hand, his dog Stoli had a nice life and between co-ownership with Jennifer Harmon was really well cared for. Stoli was the dog Jennifer offered to give Todd $100,000 if he would let her have Stoli when their relationship dissolved. Todd told her she could add a zero and the answer would still be no. That is a lot of love for a dog!

The WSOP final table is underway and will be widely viewed by ESPN viewers. I’ve gotta pull for the Grinder as he is the only one that might join us in some cash side games.

I’m introducing Eric Seidel Monday night at the Poker Hall of Fame banquet. Eric is being inducted along with Dan Harrington and both are worthy of the honor. My pal Barry Greenstein will be next if I have any say so about it.

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