Don’t Write Checks You Can’t Cash

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The old saying still holds true today but unlike the "old" days where an unpaid debt may have meant imminent bodily harm, Sean Ahn was served with court papers asking him to pay up on a $28K poker debt. The incident actually occurred at the home of Francois Safieddine back in March. In the court filing, Francois stated that he was the host of a high stakes poker game among friends. Unfortunately for Mr. Ahn however, his game took a turn for the worse and wound up losing $29K during the course of the game.

At the end of the evening, he asked that Mr. Safieddine accept a personal check from him for the amount, which the host gladly accepted. The very next day, according to the suit filed, Mr. Ahn called back and asked to give him three checks totaling the amount instead. After taking the first check for $10K to his bank, Mr. Safieddine was informed that there were not sufficient funds to cash it. He confronted Ahn about the issue and was promised that the money would somehow be paid back. Mr. Ahn then sent over a $1K payment as a "good will gesture". No further funds were ever sent and Mr. Safieddine was compelled to take the matter to court.

He claims since the game was private and invitation only it was legal under Colorado "social gambling" laws. Legal or not, it would seem that Mr. Ahn is very fortunate that the host decided to use the legal system to settle this debt vs. the alternative that's often used in the gambling world, let's just call it "gentle persuasion"...

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