DoJ Oversight Hearing: Holder Doesn’t Know if Poker is Game of Skill

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C Costigan
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DoJ Oversight Hearing Poker Eric Holder

The House Judiciary Committee held a Department of Justice oversight hearing Tuesday morning with a short question related to whether poker is a game of skill or chance.

Holder simply laughed off the question.  “That is beyond my ability,” he said, noting he could not answer the question.

Another member of the committee joked:  “It’s a sport, according to ESPN.”

The PPA had requested poker players to submit their questions following indictments of the three largest online poker rooms on April 15.  Each was charged with bank fraud and money laundering in addition to having their respective domains seized. 

The poker community claims to have several friendly lawmakers on the Committee -- mostly on the Democratic side, according to the Poker Players Alliance.

Live streaming of the event here.


- Christopher Costigan, Publisher