The Demise of Tourney Poker, Pro Proclaims

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This poker pro has declared the end of tourney poker as we know it today.

Mike “The Mouth” Matusow tweeted the following early morning Tuesday while participating in the 2016 Five Diamond World Poker Classic (WPC) at the Bellagio:

The dimize of tourney poker they let people reentr into bellagio main untill last level of day 2 90 min levels 30 bb #wehave2fixthis

A very tired Mike later tweeted:

Got 15k left im bellagio main 37 bb plentycof chips ran like death and havnt slept all night!! This should be a challenge

Re-entries are nothing new.  In fact, the Bellagio started the experiment around five years ago.

At the time, Bellagio tournament director Jack McClelland explained the rationale for offering re-entries to Card Player.

“When things were really rolling in the poker world, we had tons of players for our regular freezeouts,” said McClelland. “Then when the economy took a dive, we tried to increase our prize pools by offering rebuys. Those didn’t really work out, because they scared away those with lower bankrolls who couldn’t afford multiple buy-ins. So far, it looks like re-entry events appeal to players of all bankrolls. The buy-ins are low enough to bring in casual players, but still allow the pros to come in and do their thing.”

- Ace King, Gambling911.com