Day One of LSOP Millions Underway: $1 Million Guaranteed

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Day One of LSOP Millions Underway:  $1 Million Guaranteed

Panama – With the Hard Rock packed to capacity and a general overwhelming popularity of Panama tournament, the LSOP schedules additional Day 1 event on Monday, March 10th. "We have a huge number of hotel reservations and lots of players traveling from every country in Latin America to this event," stated LSOP President Diego Chan.

"We anticipate a great tournament, but while the poker room at the Majestic Casino is large, it has a limited amount of space. In an effort to plan ahead and avoid chaos during the event – and guarantee that every player attending the LSOP Millions will have a spot to play in the Main Event – we've decided to open up a Day 1C."

Day 1C for the LSOP Millions in Panama will take place Monday March 10th at 2:00PM ET at the Majestic Casino in Panama City. Day 1A and 1B remain scheduled for Saturday, March 8th and Sunday, March 9th, respectively.

According to Chan, the LSOP had planned for the possibility of Day 1C since launching the LSOP Millions. With the volume of players confirming to play in the event, the LSOP is taking advantage of the empty spot on the schedule to accommodate for the demand.

"When you host a $1,000,000 Guaranteed tournament with an $850 buy-in, you expect the attendance to be massive," noted Chan. "The official schedule for the LSOP Millions always had Monday with no major events, with Day 2 resuming on Tuesday March 11th. We left that slot open for a Day 1C from the very beginning. Today is the right time to use it."

Players who have never played in the LSOP Millions Main Event will have priority for this Day 1C. Any available slots will be open to players who have played Day 1A and 1B.

The LSOP Millions, a $1 Million guaranteed tournament happening in Panama, has revolutionized the international poker tournament concept by hosting Day 1 tables across multiple land-based casinos all over the planet. The LSOP Millions is set to get underway at Majestic Casino in Panama from March 7th through 15th, but dozens of players have already made the money.

Instead of forcing players to fly to Panama, spend money on a hotel, and arrange a budget for food—all while risking the chance that they might bust out before Day 2—the LSOP Millions featured multiple Day 1 events in various cities around the world, several weeks before the action in Panama is scheduled to begin. Many Day 1 events have already wrapped up in Panama, Costa Rica, Aruba, Colombia, Chile, Peru, and the Dominican Republic. Day 1A, 1B, and 1C will also take place in Panama starting on Saturday, March 8th.

It should be noted that the Hard Rock Panama Megapolis is already booked solid for those dates. Players interested in attending the LSOP Millions should plan to stay at neighboring hotels. More information on the LSOP Millions is available at full schedule of LSOP tournaments during the event please visit www.LSOP.com.

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